Video tutorial: whipped body butter

This is my second video of all times! To create your own recipe, start by reading the blog post: Whipped Body Butter (with 2 to 4 ingredients).

Use the code CORNER25 and get 25% discount at Moksha Lifestyle Products, to shop the ingredients. Moksha is a leading wholesale supplier of 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and other materials around the world.

Disclaimer: I personally don’t use preservatives in my Body Butter, since it’s only for personal use, but I would recommend researching lotions and preservatives, so you can make your own informed decision.


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    1. Most of my ingredients I buy through Moksha Lifestyle Products. Link is in Organic Delhi Guide on the blog. Though sometimes I buy through the facebook group Soap Making India – whenever I see a good offer 🙂 Moksha gives 30 % discount on orders over 1000 kg, if you write them a mail, and also offer you can pick it from their place to save on the shipping.

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