How it all started

The idea of the Organic Corner Room came into existence when I moved to New Delhi, India. For all of you that haven’t been to New Delhi, this room was one of those stuffed into a corner, with this tiny little window leading out to a shaft. Even if I opened the window fully it would only lead a tiny ray of light inside. Having grown up literally in the middle of a forest, this change was a difficult one to adjust to. So, to deal with my little cave, I set out to bring as much nature into it as I possibly could.

The second thing that happened was that I fell over this article, featuring a New York woman called Lauren Singer – better known as Trash Is for Tossers. The Article explained how she hadn’t produced more than a jar of trash in 4 years, by actively refusing single-use items, buying bulk and recycling. In the article, she also explained how she made her own products, which I right then and there promised myself I would set out to do. Two years later I succeeded.

These two events have been the catalyst for an escalation of changes in the way I think about the world, and how I want to live in it. I started looking for more natural and sustainable ways to eat and live and used a lot of time examining how personal choices impact the bigger picture. India, being a country still in touch with its indigenous practices and knowledge, it has made for an amazing experience – that is still ongoing.

This blog is about natural, sustainable, low waste, ethical living – made easy – gathered from my own experiences as well as many others.