Trash Is for Tossers

Leading a Zero Waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely, fun, & entirely possible for everyone and anyone. If I can do it, anyone can!


Trash Is For Tossers – by Lauren Singer – Environmental Entrepreneur – 4 years of trash fit into a Mason jar. Even though she doesn’t blog much anymore, her blog is still full of great resources for Zero Waste Alternatives, natural life hacks, and just pure inspiration. She’s the owner of a natural laundry detergent brand called The Simply Co., and co-owner of Package Free Shop & is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. She also has a Youtube channel linked to the blog, with DIY tutorials, interviews etc.

Zero Waste home 

This blog (…) have launched a global movement, inspiring thousands of people throughout the world to live simply and take a stance against needless waste.


Zero Waste Home – by Bea Johnson – also known as the mother of the Zero Waste movement, is a very holistic resource zero waste home, lifestyle, and fashion. She’s also the author of a book by the same name, translated into 14 languages. Being a pioneer in modern sustainable living, her blog is one of the most elaborate yet personal resources of sustainable everyday solutions. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

Wellness mama

..For the first time in centuries, the current generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents…


Wellness mama by Katie is a blog by a mother, for mothers. Though this doesn’t make the content any less relevant for anyone that wants to live more naturally. Mother of six kids, she has a real life, thorough and yet simple approach to her blog making it one of the best resources I’ve found for anything from cooking to treating disease naturally. She has written a cookbook for cooking real, healthy food easily and without using too much time. My favorite thing about her blog is the extensive research she does no matter what she is writing about but still explains it in a way anyone can understand. She also creates podcasts, offers free resources and is present on FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutubeGoogle+ and Pinterest.