DIY Coconut & Coffee Scrub Cubes

Coconut & Coffee body scrub cubes are one of the easiest DIY projects you’ll ever make, and it will make your skin feel as soft, smooth and healthy!

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Why Coconut & Coffee?

Coconut oil is a widely used oil for health and beauty worldwide, and there are many good reasons for that. In India, it has been used for thousands of years as a part of the ancient science of Ayurveda, for both internal and external healing. It promotes wound healing and is cooling on conditions such as eczema. Since it is highly antibacterial and antimicrobial, it can also help ease different mild skin irritations. Overall though, it just keeps the skin healthy and moisturized.

Coffee grounds scrubs off dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and softer. It is also known to be absorbed into the skin where it dehydrates the fluid in cellulite affected areas, tightening the skin temporarily. An extra benefit is that it’s a great way to reuse your coffee grounds, from your morning coffee!

What you need

  • Coffee grounds (new or used)
  • Coconut oil – not fractioned since it won’t harden – either 72 degrees or 92 degrees)
  • Essential oil(s) of choice (optional)
  • An ice cube tray

How to go about it

  1. Spread the Coffee Ground in the cube ice tray
  2. Heat the semi-solid Coconut Oil in a double boiler or in a warm water bath
  3. Pour the Coconut Oil over the Coffee Grounds
  4. Add two-three drops of essential oil to each Ice Cube Compartment
  5. Put the tray in the freezer until the Cubes are solid
  6. Keep the Scrub Cubes in a jar and keep it in the fridge (unless you keep your house under room temperature – around 22 Degrees Celsius)

How to use them

  1. Take out a Scrub Cube 10 min. before your bath or shower. You will use the scrub as the last thing, so don’t put it too close to a steaming hot shower since it might melt
  2. Use the Cube AFTER SOAP. Put it in your hand and it will soon start melting
  3. Scrub it against the areas of your body you want to treat
  4. Wash the Coffee Grounds off with water
  5. Dry yourself lightly with a towel, to allow the Coconut Oil to be absorbed into your skin

Disclaimer: since cold pressed coconut oil hardens under room temperature, it can create plumping use if poured excessively down the drain in colder climates.

That was all for now. Would love to hear from you if you try this out – or if you have other tips on easy DIY projects from Natural Beauty.


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Coconut:Coffee scrub cubes is one of the easiest DIY project you'll ever make - and it will make your skin feel as soft and smooth. It can also temporarily help cellulite, by tightening